Mar 11

So here we are, the first real day off of spring break. I'm going to quote myself here, since exactky one year ago today I made my first post to this website.

Spring Break

March 11th, 2018.

The world may be trying to kill me.
Last week a real estate agent crashed into my car on the parkway, a backyard tree collapsed right where I had been standing, and I burned my mouth on a pizza topping.
Some of these are more severe than others.

At least it’s spring break, which will give me a chance to collect myself (and replace my missing passenger side mirror).
I hate sitting around, so I am making this blog to keep myself busy and accountable over break.
I have lots of plans for things that I want to get done: homework, hiking trips, gym sessions, car repairs, creative writing, video editing, reading, cooking, seeing friends, video games, and more.

Stay busy, stay happy.

Something else interesting I did a year ago was join the 1000lbs club, a not-so exclusive group which I have probably left at this point. Anyway, I decided to reupload the celebratory video:

Beltless, in crunch fitness, and in the completely wrong type of shoe (the kind that damage your knees).

But enough about the past. I have a bunch of plans for this break as well. More on that later.