Mar 9

Don't judge me. I read 1,744 pages of YA literature for most of the early morning hours of march 9th. I am very ashamed to admit it but I read the entire original series of Percy Jackson.

After catching a few hours of sleep, I visited the museum of american art in New Britan CT. Just for a little redemption.

The museum had this, which I thought this was an interesting painting:

It's westrock, right in that Woodbridge, New Haven, Hamden area. Right where I am going to school right now, in all of it's unspoiled beauty. Also annoyingly google photos does not make it easy to embed media. Ugh.

I've also taken it upon myself to update my defunct goodreads account. I'll post the reviews I wrote here:

Starting Strength: Basic Barbell TrainingStarting Strength: Basic Barbell Training by Mark Rippetoe
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Solid advice to be taken with a heavy dose of skepticism.
Rippetoe brings a "one-size-fits-all" approach to fitness, simplifying a complex and personalized procedure into a shopping list of sets and reps.

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