July 5th, 2019

This book was a letdown.

Hiro comes across as a 1-D wish fulfilling protagonist (hah) for male readers. Aimless. Unrealistic. Overpowered. His intentions and motivations amount to wanting to get back with an ex girlfriend. I realize that the sword wielding, motorcycle riding, hacker is a common trope in cyberpunk – but it's a thin line to walk, and Hiro misses the mark. He feels more like the daydreams of a seventh grader than a complex character in a fallen world.

Plot convenience and coincidence abound. The pacing felt like someone mashing fast forward then play on a TV remote. Page after page after page after page of the Author creating some feeble parallel between Sumerian history and pseudo hacker talk. The side-stitching suggestion that in virtual reality people would be programming in binary. The superficial injuries: Juanita's self surgery, Hiro's burns, broken ribs (and much more!), Y.T jumping out of a helicopter, you get the idea.

1 star for uncle Enzo. 1 Star for the dog.